Because birthdays are a big deal!

Cake Smash Portfolio

Your precious baby is about to become a toddler and it's time to celebrate! Let's give them their first taste of sugar in style!

And it's not limited to just cake!  We can smash fruits (watermelon is always fun!), donuts, play with spaghetti, make art with paint or anything else we can come up with! 

So it's your baby's First Birthday? Where did that year go? Sleepless nights, coo's and giggles, rolling over, sitting, crawling, walking, driving you nuts, then making your heart burst with happiness! It's been an entire year since you labored to bring this sweet baby into the world! This is a huge milestone for you both! So celebrate in a way that will preserve them this way FOREVER!

Cake smash sessions are themed based on what YOU want!  The theme and color scheme is your choice, the possibilities are endless! If you don't know what to do for the theme I can assist you in coming up with an idea. Some parents just give me colors they like and I design the theme around that. All themes are custom to your child's experience!

Cake Smash sessions are fun, messy and a once in a lifetime opportunity. They only turn ONE once. Just like they are only a Newborn for 2-3 short weeks! Capturing these memories, frozen in time to live on with them forever. It will always make you smile when you look at these memories. They aren't just photos. They are living memories that you can share with family, and friends and look back on for years to come! 

Cash Smash sessions are known for turning one, but can be done at any age!  Two, Three...heck even 21!
Cake Smash Pricing can be found on the Pricing page!

You only turn ONE once...